About Us

Kt baby & Kt kids is a brand of clothing for children from 0 to 14 years with a guarantee of high quality.

The company was founded in 2009, as a continuation of a family tradition starting in 1989. Since then we have worked hard, studying, creating, listening and learning from the valuable comments from our customers. The results are visible, and today Kt baby & Kt kids is a recognizable, reliable and secure brand.

We are known for high pattern standards, professional finishing technology, unique resources and above all functionality of our clothing.

Every year we present Spring/Summer and Winter/Fall collections consisting of many styles and colors. The clothes often become an object of games and a source of pride for their young wearers as they are beautiful, colorful and unique in their own way. Kt baby & Kt kids sells only its own creations, made and signed by Kt baby & Kt kids. We also make 'individual lines of clothing', clothing designed and sown only for a specific client.

Our collections are shown each year at children fashion fairs. Kt baby & Kt kids is also a member of Children's Fashion Europe, which promotes european brands in the world. We control the entire production process from the earliest stages of design to the final result. That's all for the safety of children that we are directly responsible for.

We carefully select the source of fabrics, processing of fibres and the type of dyes used. It has been our choice to avoid Asian industry even though we are constantly approached by numbers of companies that try to lure us with very low prices and extraordinary opportunities. We say no to them, because to us the quality and safety come first. These are our children!

For this reason we cannot attract you with prices below the market level, because the quality and safety are not for sale. However, we offer fair prices in proportion to what Kt baby & Kt kids offers.

You will find our clothes in stores that are committed to sell only the finest products, ones that are not only beautiful but above all safe for child's health at a reasonable price.

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